Three Great Tips to Get Out of
Slumps in Golf

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What is a Mental Coach?

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Do I Have a Problem with the Mental Game?


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I solve problems with the mental game.

Fast results, guaranteed, even if choking or in a slump

I specialize in helping golfers with mental blocks who are struggling in competition. I overcome what is holding them back (get their foot off the brakes), and bring out their best when it counts.

I also work with baseball and other sports, business and performing arts.

Are you struggling to play your best when it matters?

Are you frustrated because you aren't bringing out your skill, ability and talent when you want to?

Are you ready to be the player you think you should be - or get back to being the player you used to be?

Do you want the competitive edge?

I can help you get it.

Call me and let's talk about it: (916) 802-5897

What are problems with the mental game?

If you have the skills, ability and talent (maybe do great in practice, or when it doesn't matter), but aren't CONSISTENTLY playing your best when it counts, then you've got a problem with the mental game, period.

People may call it choking, being in a slump, the yips, stage fright, etc., but it REALLY is a problem with the mental game, it is a mental block - and I can fix it, FAST, because I created the method to fix it.

I created the method to fix problems with the mental game, and consistently power up your performance when it counts

I fix mental game problems and boost performance in competition, FAST, using my Mental Coaching Method. I created my method by combining my experience in sports competition, the medical field and business world, with over thirty-years experience developing the most cutting-edge mental coaching tools.

Custom-tailored solutions are the secret

You are unique, and your mental game problem is unique. To fix it, I custom-tailor your solution to your unique and specific needs, using my five-step mental coaching method.

This is not sports psychology

I go beyond sports psychology. In fact, my work starts where sports psychology stops.

Imagine *finally* being able to play and perform at your best when it counts.

Are you ready to overcome what is holding you back, and bring out your best when it counts? Are you ready to get the competitive edge?

Then call me: (916) 802-5897

I will help you will be free of mental blocks, power up your potential on command, and get in the zone anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.

That is POWER and because I created the method, I’m the only place you can get it.

All of my services are ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL and are provided in-person, one-on-one, in my Sacramento, California office or at your location, worldwide.

Exclusivity is available.

Helping Disabled Veterans with Stress and Pain

I was a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, and I'm proud to have served my country. To give back, I help disabled veterans relieve and control negative and post-traumatic stress and chronic pain - at no charge - in-person and in groups. Contact me to learn more.

David Kenward - The Mental Coach
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