Three Great Tips to Get Out of
Slumps in Golf

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What is a Mental Coach?

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Do I Have a Problem with the Mental Game?

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I help professional golfers who are struggling with consistently playing their best, under pressure, in competition.

That's a problem with the mental game, and I specialize in fixing those problems with the mental game - that no one else can.

I do it fast and I guarantee it.

Even if you've tried everything else, because what I do is so unique and powerful - this time you'll get past what is holding you back, and *consistently* bring out your best when it counts.

Fast results, guaranteed, even if you are choking, have the yips or are in a slump.

The result is you play your best golf, one shot at a time. That's how you get the competitive edge.

This isn't about fixing your golf game, because your golf game isn't what's broken. It's about fixing your mental game.

This is about you succeeding, to the very best of your skills, ability, and talent, in the business of being a professional golfer.

If that's what you want, then call me and let's talk about it.

My services also include speeding recovery and controlling pain.

How can I do all that?

I created the method to do that - which I custom-tailor to every player's unique and specific needs.

I created my method by combining my experience in sports competition, the medical field and business world, along with over 30-years experience using mental training tools for peak performance.

I work in-person, one-on-one, at my Sacramento, California office or at your location. All work is confidential. Exclusivity is available.

How do you know if you have a problem with the mental game?

Simple. If you have the skills, ability and talent, do good in practice, but can't *consistently* play your best, under pressure, in competition - if you can't bring it out when it counts - then you have a problem with the mental game.

I say *consistently,* because there are always professional golfers who have flashes of brilliance on the course, but they lack consistency, and consistency is what builds successful and profitable careers, and creates legends, in the world of golf.

If you have an "unlucky" course, event or hole; if there's a player who always beats you, even though you are better; if you are choking, have the yips or are in a slump; then you have a problem with the mental game.

If distractions from your personal life, spectators, officials, the environment or the media "set you off," or are affecting your play in competition, then you have a problem with the mental game.

If you can't stop thinking about bad shots, or experiences, then you have a problem with the mental game.

If you aren't consistently playing your best, shot after shot, then you have a problem with the mental game.

If that's the case, then problems with the mental game are holding you back from being the best professional golfer you can be, and from bringing out the potential inside you.

The key is overcoming what is holding you back

I know that every player who has earned their right to play on a professional golf tour, has the skills, ability and talent to consistently make the cut, have top 20 finishes (or better), and even win.

If you aren't doing that, then something is holding you back from bringing out the player you deserve to be.

How long do you want to wait to get past what's holding you back?

How long can you afford to wait?

You need to ask yourself two simple questions.

Do you want to be free of what's holding you back, so you can consistently bring out your best, when it counts?

Do you want the competitive edge?

If the answer to both those questions is yes, then call me, and let's talk about it.

NOTE: I work with players. Agents, courses, instructors and coaches don't pay for my services (but they benefit from them).

I believe public service is important. As a former U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, my public service is helping combat veterans control negative stress and chronic pain - at no charge - in-person and in groups. Know a veteran in need? Pass along my name.

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