Three Great Tips to Get Out of
Slumps in Golf

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What is a Mental Coach?

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Do I Have a Problem with the Mental Game?

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I solve problems with the mental game.

I specialize in helping professional golfers who are struggling with consistency in competition. I get them past what's holding them back and consistently bring out their best when it counts. Fast results, guaranteed, even if choking, having the yips or in a slump.

Even if you've tried everything else (including sports psychology), because what I do is so unique and powerful - custom-tailored to your unique and specific needs - this time you'll succeed.

The RESULT is you consistently play your best golf, when it counts, one shot at a time, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances. That's how you get the competitive edge.

This isn't about fixing your golf game, because your golf game isn't what's broken. It's about fixing your mental game.

This is about you succeeding, to the very best of your skills, ability, and talent, in the BUSINESS of having a profitable career as a professional golfer.

If you have the potential, you aren't living up to it, and you want to, then let's talk about it - (916) 802-5897

All of my services are absolutely confidential and are provided in-person, one-on-one, in my Sacramento, California office or at your location, worldwide. Exclusivity is available.

I believe public service is important. As a former U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, my public service is helping combat veterans relieve and control negative stress and chronic pain - at no charge - both in-person and in groups. Know a veteran in need? Please pass along my name.

David Kenward - The Mental Coach
(916) 802-5897
3400 Watt Ave, Suite 200A
Sacramento, California 95821

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