ABOUT The Mental Coach

What I'm best at, is helping people overcome what is holding them back, and consistently bring out the potential inside of them when it counts, with performing, competing and health (including helping people get relief from chronic and intractable pain from illness and injury).

I created the method to do this

My experience in sports competition, the medical field and business world gives me a unique perspective on pressure and the mental game.

Studying and using hypnosis and other mental training tools for peak performance and pain management (including my own chronic pain from injuries), for over 30 years, gave me the resources to create my Mental Coaching Method.

My method focuses on using those tools to create solutions, custom-tailored to your unique and specific needs, to quickly get people the results they want.

Starting with the drive to win

My experience in sports competition taught me about the stress, pressure and drive to win, and how potential in practice doesn't always come out in competition.

That is why I specialize in solving problems with people who know what to do but are not consistently doing their best when it counts.

Learning about the mental game

Serving as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman in a Naval Hospital Emergency Room made me a believer in the mind/body connection. Those powerful experiences helped me understand that there is more to coping, and thriving, under pressure than what a person thinks.

I learned that the power of expectation and imagination can bring a person soaring up to their potential or send them spiraling down to disaster. This started my journey of learning much more about mind/body tools.

A motorcycle accident in my 20's left me with a damaged body and chronic pain, with a medical prognosis of just getting worse as I got older. I used my medical experiences as a reality check of human potential, which led me to learn that I could use mental training tools to turn down the pain and take back control.

That was such a powerful experience that I kept learning more and more mental training tools to see what else the power of the mind could do - they were my secret weapons in college and business and they can be your secret weapon for peak performance and consistency in your sport, career and life.

I'm glad I learned them, because an elevator accident in my early 40's left me with a damaged back as well. Still, I manage the pain using my mental tools, without drugs.

Anyone can learn to do this!

Problem-solving through education, training and experience

In the Navy Hospital Corps, I was taught to think like a flow chart and learned the value of programmed conditioned responses (useful skills in crisis situations).

In college, I combined studying the external (physical sciences) with the internal (psychology, human communication) so I could have a more in-depth understanding of human behavior and potential.

In the business world, I learned, and used, many different analytical problem-solving systems in a variety of industries.

I've also had hundreds of hours of professional training in a variety of mental training tools.

This education, training and experience helped me understand the difference between thinking about problems and reacting to pressure. This led me to create my Mental Coaching Method for overcoming obstacles and succeeding under pressure, that leads to fast results that last.

It's about solving problems, not trying to cover them up or learning to cope with them.

Helping veterans with stress and pain

As a former U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, there's a special place in my heart for helping my fellow veterans relieve and control negative and post-traumatic stress and chronic pain. I do that - privately and in groups - at no charge. Contact me to learn more.

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