Solving Problems with Performing, Creative and Fine Arts

Is there a mental game in the arts? Absolutely! If you are struggling to CONSISTENTLY bring out your creative talent - in the performing, creative and fine arts, then you have a problem with the mental game.

It's not an analytical problem, solvable by thinking about it, reading about it or talking about it. If it was, you would have already fixed it.

It's a problem with the mental game, and I created the unique method to fix it. I can fix it FAST, and I GUARANTEE RESULTS, no matter what is going on or what you've tried.

Those results include QUICKLY releasing the past and letting go of anger, fear, pain or guilt that is holding you back.

Imagine what that could do for you.

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Mental game problems come in all shapes and sizes

Do you (or your clients) have a problem with:

- Consistently bringing out your best in auditions, rehearsals, or performances?

- Overcoming bad experiences in all areas of performing and other arts?

- Overcoming writer's block?

- Getting past a block with painting, sculpting, other fine arts?

- Letting go of anger, fear, pain or guilt that is holding you back?

- Releasing the power of past events or people?

- Being trapped in a rut?

These are all problems with the mental game. I can fix them, and I can fix them fast.

Get the competitive edge in the arts

Success in the performing, creative and fine arts is not just about having talent and being great at what you do, it's also about bringing out your talent and potential when it matters.

The things that hold us back are often rooted in belief, caused by negative emotions, experiences and people. Once you release what is holding you back, then you've taken your feet off the brakes and you can launch your gift to the world.

What's different about how I help you do that, is that my method is totally different from psychology or talk therapy, with fast results that last. My work starts where psychology stops.

Are you serious about bringing your craft, your art and your talent to the next level - and getting the competitive edge?

If you are in a slump, do you want to get out of it?

If you feel there is untapped potential inside you, do you want to unleash it?

If you feel part of you wants to succeed and another part of you is stopping you, holding you back, maybe even sabotaging you, have you had enough?

Then call me - (916) 802-5897

All of my services are ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL and are provided in my Sacramento, California office or at your location, worldwide. Exclusivity is available.

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Winning the Mental Game - End Slumps, Stop Choking, Improve Performance - Fast Results