Baseball - Solving problems with the mental game and improving ERA's

I help baseball players get out of pitching slumps and improve their ERA's.

I do that by overcoming what's holding them back and consistently bringing out their best in competition. Fast results, guaranteed.

Get the competitive edge on the mound

In pitching, it's about hitting a target - the catcher's glove.

At its most basic level, nothing else really matters - not the other players, the screaming fans, the announcer, the media, past experiences, worry about the future, etc.

What holds pitchers back from throwing their best is their mental game

They focus on those other things, instead of what they've successfully done hundreds and thousands of times before. That's a problem with their mental game.

That's a huge problem. I can fix it, and I can fix it fast

The RESULTS are faster pitches, increased accuracy, more strikes, less base-on-balls, faster recovery between pitches, innings and game, and a lower ERA.

That's because I use my Mental Coaching Method, custom-tailored to your unique and specific needs, to:

• Increase your pitching speed, power and accuracy

• Increase your consistency

• Get you in the zone on command

• Speed your recovery after practice and games (you know what faster recovery can do for a pitching career)

• Dump bad experiences

• Start fresh with every pitch

That means throwing your best to any batter, in any inning, to any team, on any field, under any circumstances.

That's the secret of how you get the competitive edge, and that's what can skyrocket your career (or get you back on track).

Imagine what that could do for you.

Are you ready to throw your best when it counts? Then call me and let's talk about it: (916) 802-5897

Mental blocks in competition

Are any of these holding you back:

• You're choking under pressure, you're in a slump or burned out

• You're having trouble competing against a player, team or coach

• Something always seems to "set you off" and ruin your performance

• You've got the "yips" (involuntary shaking or release of the ball) or live in fear of doing so

• You have an "unlucky" field

• Something is holding you back from moving up to the next level - from the minors to the majors, from relief to starter or from a good contract to a great contract

• You can't get a bad experience or accident out of your head

• You are facing less playing time, being demoted or released

• Chronic pain from injuries is holding you back

• Anger is affecting your ability and performance

• You're about ready to give up baseball out of frustration

- Anxiety is robbing you of your performance

- You can't let go of an accident (like being hit by a pitch or other game injury)

These are all problems with the mental game - and I fix them, fast. And I guarantee results.

Beyond sports psychology

This is not sports psychology. I go beyond sports psychology, in fact, my services start where sports psychology stops.

The myth of visualization and a positive mental attitude

Visualization and positive mental attitude can be helpful IF there are no mental blocks holding a player back. If there are, then all of the visualization, mental imagery, affirmations, positive mental attitude, etc., etc., etc. aren't going to fix it.

It's kind of like trying to drive a car with one foot on the brake and saying "come on, car, go faster!" Great intentions, but you aren't going to get the results you want.

That's why my Mental Coaching Method always starts with overcoming any mental blocks, barriers or self-limiting beliefs (whether you think you know what they are or not).

Dumping negative stress

Baseball pitchers don't like to talk about stress, as if it's a sign of weakness. But, the reality is that negative stress (including anxiety) can limit or even end careers. We're often taught that if we feel stressed, we should just "suck it up" and "deal with it." But, that's easier said then done. If you want to consistently play at a very high level, you need a way to relieve and control negative stress. I've created fast solutions for dumping negative stress in as little as five seconds. That alone can give you the competitive edge.

Controlling pain

Pain is another area that plagues pitchers. Even if it is safe to play, it can hurt so much you can't play your best. Powerful pain-killing drugs can have issues with effectiveness (especially long term), side-effects and legality.

Your mind is the post powerful pain reliever you have and I have created powerful mental training tools that anyone can learn for relieving and controlling pain (I use them myself for controlling my own chronic pain from knee and back injuries).

Speeding recovery

Baseball (pitching, especially) can take its toll on a body. What if there was a way to speed your body's recovery after pitching? There is, and the mental training tools I created to do this stem are from my work with marathon (and ultra-marathon) runners to help them recover faster from their grueling runs.

Consistent peak performance

For a successful career in baseball, you need to maintain CONSISTENT peak performance throughout the season. I use the word consistent because every player has spontaneous flashes of brilliance.

Consistency is what wins games (and builds careers). First, we work together to solve any problems you have with the mental game and bring out peak performance and consistency in competition (including improving your speed, power and accuracy). At that point, we meet as needed to solve any new mental game problems that come up and to periodically tune up your mental game. This can be done before crucial games, during off time, if you are on the DL or even if you've been sent down for rehab.

My job is to keep you on track for a long, successful and profitable career in baseball.

So, here's the bottom line

If you play baseball, a target sport, then I can help you throw better under pressure in competition. Using my Mental Coaching Method, I'll troubleshoot your mental game problems quickly, get you past what's holding you back and get you the solutions and results you want for peak performance and consistency, when it counts.

Do you think you have the ability to rise to levels you've never reached before (or get back to where you've been).

Do you want the competitive edge?

How long are you going to wait?

How much longer are you going to suffer the pain of missed potential and a shrinking window of opportunity?

How long can you afford to wait?

Make the decision right now to get back - and stay - on track.

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All of my services are absolutely confidential and are provided in my Sacramento, California office or at your location, worldwide. Exclusivity is available.

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