Golf - Solving problems with the mental game

Play your best golf, one shot at a time, and lower your score.

Are you consistently playing your best in competition? How do you play in practice or when it doesn't count?

If you have the skills, ability and talent, maybe do well in practice or when it doesn't matter, but can't CONSISTENTLY play your best when it counts (including suffering with the yips) - then you have a problem with the mental game - period.

If you could fix it by thinking about it and trying to solve it analytically - with books, videos, seminars or sports psychology, then you would have already done it (and I know you've probably tried it).

I created the method to fix it - my Mental Coaching Method

The RESULT is you quickly get past what's holding you back and consistently play your best golf, one shot at a time, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.

I can fix it, because I solve problems with the mental game in a unique and powerful way. You can't get it anywhere else, because I created the method - my Mental Coaching Method, by combining my experience in sports competition, the medical field and business world, with over 30-years experience with sports hypnosis, NLP and other mental coaching tools.

It's about getting your "foot off of the brakes," so you can bring out your best when it counts, sooner rather than later.

That means getting into the zone for every shot, letting go of bad shots (and experiences), dumping negative stress, speeding recovery, controlling pain and more.

Bring out your potential as a professional golfer

I help you succeed to the very best of your skills, ability and talent in the business of being a professional golfer (or a serious amateur).

I don't care how bad it is, what anyone else says, how long you've had it or what you've tried in the past. Because what I do is so unique and powerful, this time you'll succeed.

That's because I specialize in fixing the problem, quickly, and getting you back into the game where you belong.

I'm not going to try to fix your golf game, that's not what's broken.

I'll fix your mental game, so you consistently bring out your best when it counts.

I get you the competitive edge

For professional golf

Imagine yourself making more cuts, more top 20, top 10, top 5 finishes - and wins.

Imagine getting more and better sponsors, having a higher value for speaking and appearances, and much more.

Our goal, working together, is to keep you on track for a long, successful and PROFITABLE career in golf.

Look around you, there are plenty of professional golfers who are suffering the pain of inconsistency and missed potential. Don't you be one of them.

For amateur golf

imagine yourself lowering your scores (and handicap), putting better, playing better in your foursomes, and enjoying golf more!

Do you want the competitive edge?

Are you are serious about letting go of what has been holding you back, and bringing out your best when it counts?

Do you want the competitive edge?

Then call me: (916) 802-5897

All of my services are absolutely confidential and are provided in-person, one-on-one, in my Sacramento, California office or at your location, worldwide. Exclusivity is available.


The secret of great golf

The secret of great golf is you play one shot at a time.

Right, you knew that...

So did Bobby Jones. He said, "“It is nothing new or original to say that golf is played one stroke at a time. But it took me many years to realize it.”

Every serious golfer has had the experience where their game just flowed, and everything went well.

But, being golf, it doesn't always go well.

A small percent of the time there are factors beyond your control (like the weather).

Most of the time, a problem with the mental game is what holds you back from playing your best.

That includes self-limiting beliefs, anxiety, not being able to let go of bad shots, worry about future bad shots (i.e. the "what-if's") and the yips. That's what I fix.

I ONLY work with the mental game

Your coach, instructor or PGA and LPGA Pro is the best at teaching you the physical skills and strategy you need to do well on the course.

I help you do what you've learned, consistently, under pressure, in competition.

Thinking, worrying and distractions

The biggest problems in golf are thinking too much, worrying and distractions: about the last shot, this shot, the next shot, the trees, the water, the sand, the rough, your score, your opponent's score, the media, expectations of others, how you'll be compared, what's happening in your life outside golf – the list goes on and on.

I like to ask professional golfers if the best shot they ever hit was when they weren't thinking about it (or it didn't matter). It seems like the answer is always yes.

I consider this my rule of golf - the more you think, the less of your ability can come out.

Bobby Jones understood that, too, when he said that many golfers think they are concentrating when they are actually worrying.

That's why my primary question is: how do you play in practice (or when it doesn't count)?

If you do well in practice or when it doesn't matter, but not in the stress of competition (how many pro golfers miss putts under six feet when it really counts), then I know you have a problem with the mental game and I know that I can fix it, quickly, no matter how long you've had the problem or what else you have tried.

Getting into the ZONE on command

Your RESULTS after our work together:

- You are free of what's been holding you back

- You focus on ONLY one shot at a time

- You do your very best with each shot (and let everything else fade until you are finished)

- Distractions no longer affect or control you

- You get into "the zone" on command

- You CONSISTENTLY play your very best golf

- You speed your recovery between tournament shots, holes and days

- You are in control over negative stress, pain or worry

Players tell me that after they work with me, they usually don't even know their golf score until it's added up after the 18th hole!

Imagine how much pressure THAT releases.

Creating that ability for you is part of my Kenward Method (custom-tailored to your unique and specific needs) and, because I created it, you can't get it anywhere else.


What's holding you back?

How many of these are holding you back?

• You're choking under pressure, you're in a slump or burned out

• You're having trouble competing against a certain player (or players)

• Something always seems to "set you off" and ruin your performance

• You've got the "yips" or live in fear of getting them

• You have an "unlucky" golf course (or tournament)

• Something is holding you back from moving up to the next level - from winning (tournaments or even Majors), from consistently placing in the top fifth, tenth or twentieth, making the cut, getting on the tour or making it through Q-School or other qualifying events.

• You can't get a bad experience or accident out of your head

• You aren't making the cut as you should (I believe every player good enough to play on the Tour has the ability to make every cut of every tournament)

• Chronic pain from injuries is holding you back

• Anger is affecting your ability and performance

- Anxiety is affecting your game

• You're about ready to give up professional golf out of frustration

Overcoming golfing slumps

There's always at least one golfer on every tour who's in a slump. That's where it seems like they just can't make the shots they need to win, to place in the top ten or twenty, even to make the cut. Or to win the tournament that REALLY counts to them.

The danger of slumps is they can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies that turn into a career-killing death spiral.

But, if doesn't have to be that way. Again, if you are doing well when it doesn't matter, then it's a mental game issue and I can fix it, quickly, using my Kenward Mental Coaching Method.


Curing the yips

I believe that every serious golfer, at some level, lives in fear of getting the yips.

That's a shame because the yips are curable (and preventable).

The problem is that the approaches to curing the yips are usually to change technique, use behavioral therapy or take drugs. To me, those approaches are garbage. They can possibly, temporarily, cover up the problem but don't solve it.

Why try to cover it up when you can solve the problem? In other words, why mow weeds when you can pull them up by the roots so they don't grow back?

My approach is to solve the problem, to yank those weeds by the roots so they don't grow back.

If you have the yips, you've probably tried everything. What I do is so radically different that, this time, you'll succeed. It will be fast and I guarantee results.


Light years beyond sports psychology

My Kenward Mental Coaching Method is a totally different approach from sports psychology. Different focus, different tools and faster results. In fact, my services start where sports psychology stops.

Beyond visualization and a positive mental attitude

Sure, visualization and a positive mental attitude (sports psychology uses those a lot) can be helpful *if* there are no mental blocks holding a player back. If there are, then all of the visualization, mental imagery, affirmations, positive mental attitude, etc., etc., etc. aren't going to fix it.

It's kind of like trying to drive a car with one foot on the brake and saying "come on, car, go faster!" Great intentions, but you aren't going to get the results you want.

That's why I always start with overcoming any golf mental blocks, barriers or self-limiting beliefs (whether you know what they are or not). That gets your foot off the brake, and then you can finally be free to stomp on the gas.

Manage stress on and off the course

Golfers don't like to talk about stress, as if it's a sign of weakness. But, the reality is that negative stress (including fear and anxiety) can limit or even end careers. We're often taught that if we feel stressed, we should just "suck it up" and "deal with it." But, that's easier said then done. Plus, you know the tightening up that goes along with negative stress affects your shots.

If you want to consistently play at a very high level, you need a way to relieve and control negative stress. I've created fast solutions for flushing away negative stress in as little as five seconds. That alone can give you the competitive edge.

Speeding recovery

Multi-day tournaments can take their toll on a body. What if there was a way to speed your body's recovery after each day (or tournament)? There is, and the mental training tools I created to do this stem are from my previous work helping marathon (and ultra-marathon) runners recover from their grueling runs.

Relief from pain

Chronic pain is another area that plagues players. Even if it is safe to play, it can hurt so much you can't play your best. Powerful pain-killing drugs can have issues with effectiveness (especially long term) and side-effects and legality.

I believe your mind is the post powerful pain reliever you have and I have created powerful mental training tools that anyone can learn for relieving and controlling chronic pain (I also use them to help people get relief from the pain of cancer, Fibromyalgia and combat injuries - with powerful results). In fact, I use them myself to control my own chronic pain from knee and back injuries - without drugs. If I can do that, anyone can.

Consistent peak performance throughout the season

For a successful career in professional golf, you need to maintain *consistent* peak performance throughout the season. I use the word consistent because every player has spontaneous flashes of brilliance. Consistency is what wins games, builds careers and creates legends.

To do that, first we work together to solve any problems you have with the mental game and bring out peak performance in competition (including improving your speed, power and accuracy).

At that point, we get together as needed to solve any new mental game problems that come up (at high levels of competition they always do) and to periodically tune up your mental game. This can be done before games or during off time.

The bottom line

If you play professional golf (or you want to), then I can help you bring out more of your potential, under pressure, in competition.

I'll troubleshoot your mental game problems quickly, get you past what's holding you back and get you the solutions and results you want - fast results.

The result is you will get the competitive edge

How long do you want to wait? How long can you afford to wait?

Are you are ready to be free of what's been holding you back and get the competitive edge?

Call me: (916) 802-5897.

All of my services are absolutely confidential and are provided in-person, one-on-one, in my Sacramento, California office or at your location, worldwide. Exclusivity is available.


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