Getting relief from pain

Pain and competitive sports, even performing arts, go hand in hand

If a player (golf, baseball or other sports) or performer (actor, singer, dancer) wants to stay competitive (perhaps even keep their job), they have to, somehow, play and perform through pain.

Painkiller drugs (oral, injectable and topical) are most often used, but there can be adverse reactions and increased or decreased tolerance, leading to more pain. Since pain can lead to feeling of anxiety and depression, drugs can be (and often are) prescribed for those as well.

These are all powerful drugs which can negatively affect both confidence, motivation and focus and speed, power and accuracy, the opposite of what is wanted in competition and performance.

Occasionally, relaxation, visualization or guided imagery might be tried, but not in a way that is practical and effective on the playing field, course or stage.

I offer a different solution, based both on our natural abilities and how our mind really works

By using powerful mental coaching tools (part of my Mental Coaching Method, I can teach players (and performers) to safely reduce (even block out) the perception of pain for periods of time. This can allow you to do your best in competition and performance without the distraction of stabbing, throbbing or aching pain.

This also can help dramatically improve quality of life, because players and performers don't have live in fear of pain of each day - they know they can take control over it.

These same tools can also help speed recovery, both from injuries and after competition and performances.

As with the other services I provide - fast results, guaranteed.

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How is controlling pain even possible?

As a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, working in a Naval Hospital Emergency Room, I saw lots of people react to pain in ways that made no logical sense. I learned quickly that if you told people that their injuries weren't that bad, that they were going to recover quickly, often their pain level went down (and the reverse as well).

But what really shifted my beliefs about pain was my first encounter with phantom limb pain - i.e. sensations in a limb that was no longer there. It was with a retired sailor who asked me to scratch his foot because it was itching like crazy. Only problem was his foot had been amputated a year before!

Anyone can learn to control their perception of pain

So, if pain (or itching in this case) is being processed in the brain, then can we change how it's being processed?

Yes we can.

I do it myself for relief from MY chronic pain from knee and back injuries (and I don't take drugs for it).

You can learn to do it, too.

The effects of chronic pain on you and those around you

When people have long-term chronic pain, the effects of that pain can affect all parts of their lives.

Unfortunately, people are conditioned to believe that taking drugs or suffering are the only options for living with chronic pain. They feel misunderstood, alienated, hopeless and powerless. Often they have intense feelings of anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame and grief - either keeping it bottled up tight or lashing out at those around them.

Their family, friends, teammates, associates, agents and coaches don't understand how debilitating living with chronic pain can be.

It can get to the point where getting up every day seems to be pointless, because the pain is always there.

They feel out of control, with a tremendous fear of losing the one thing that helps them cope - drugs. They often feel the medical community doesn't understand them and wishes they'd just go away.

Often, quality of life seems like a thing of the past, with nothing but misery and pain in their future. Many times, they've lost all hope.

I understand it because I've lived it for over 30 years

I've had chronic pain from injuries for over 30 years.

BUT, I've learned to control it using powerful mental training tools (and no drugs).

Anyone can learn how to do this.

This work is fast, powerful and effective.

The only people I can't help are those who are content to hold onto the "disabled" mindset and are willing to give up the responsibility for their lives to other people.

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NOTE: As my public service, I help disabled veterans relieve and control negative and post-traumatic stress and chronic pain, at no charge, privately and in groups.

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