Speeding Recovery in Golf, Baseball and Performing Arts

Speeding recovery - mentally and physically - is what helps you can do your best, with less  chance of injury, with throwing, hitting, speaking, singing and performing when it counts.

I can help you speed your recovery - mentally and physically - after each shot, hole, pitch, inning, game, tournament, practice, audition, and performance. This is a crucial part of my Mental Coaching Method to get you the competitive edge.

The problem is tightening up mentally and physically

When we tighten up mentally, then negative emotions such as anger, worry and fear can take control.

The result is we:

- second-guess ourselves - such as throwing, swinging or shooting early or late

- focus on mistakes and bad experiences of the past

- worry about what may happen in the future

- don't do what we've practiced successfully many hundreds or thousands of times

When we tighten up physically, our body is essentially fighting against itself or slowing itself down.

Our mind and body both have to recover

Mental recovery means letting it go, what I call release on the fly. Physical recovery means speeding up how fast your body physically recovers after practice, plus during and after competition or performances.

The result is you are more in control of how your body, and mind, are reacting and recovering.

Speeding recovery is an essential part of my Mental Coaching Method, it will take you to the next level, and will give you the competitive edge.

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