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Imagine What if you could let go of

Anxiety •  Anger • Trauma

I help people do that

I help them do it fast

Guaranteed Results, no matter what you have tried

Imagine what that could do for you

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You have nothing to lose but your pain

How I Can Help You

Do you feel like part of you wants to be free, another part is stopping you, and you don’t know why?
Do you feel like every day is walking on eggshells, always waiting for the next shoe to drop, feeling deep inside that nothing will ever get better?
That is what I help people let go of, using my Kenward Method :

• Take away the “emotional punch” of traumatic events, people who have hurt you (living or dead), mistakes you have made;

• Take back control of what you do, and how you feel

• Bring out your confidence and power, anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances

And I do that in usually three-to-five 90-minute sessions.

Imagine what that could do for you.

Fast results, guaranteed, no matter what you have tried.

About Me

I created my Kenward Method by combining my background in competition, the medical field (Navy Hospital Corps), and business world (lots of analytical problem solving), along with over 30-years experience with hypnosis, hypnotherapy and other mental coaching tools.

That is how I help people get fast results that last – and why I have the confidence to have a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

Do you want solutions? I have them.

Do you want results? You’ll get them.

What I offer you won’t find anywhere else – and you have nothing to lose but your pain.

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(916) 802-5897


2740 Fulton Avenue, Ste 114
Sacramento, CA 95821

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